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Join in Other Interests WOW for Encrypted Black Market Radio & More

Time: 08/19/19

One of the daily quests in the new zone Mechagon is Other Interests WOW, which requires you to deliver 5 Curious Murloc Horn to Steelsage Gao in order to seek a chance of special access from Madam Goya. When you complete this quest, you will be able to gain some rewards like Encrypted Black Market Radio and more.

What to do during Other Interests?

WOW Other Interests quest requires the access with level 120 and part of the quest happens in Mechagon and Nazjatar. In this quest, you are requested to seek particular items Curious Murloc Horn with the amount of 5 and then deliver them to Steelsage Gao during your travels in Nazjatar. Thus you will have a chance for special access. 

How to complete Other Interests WOW?

To complete the quest, at the beginning you should go to Nazjatar; then buy 15X Slimy Naga Eyeball from Mrrglrlr which can be used as currency to buy the Murloc Horns; next you need to buy 5X Curious Murloc Horn from Grrmrlg; and finally go back to Mechagon and return quest. In addition, Curious Murloc Horn with the item level 1 can maintain for a day and its max stack is up to 100. 

What rewards will you get from the quest?

Upon completion of this quest, you will receive Encrypted Black Market Radio with the item level 1 and max stack 100, which can maintain 10 minutes and can also summon Sylvester. When using it, you have requested remote access to the Black Market Auction. Besides, you will also be able to gain 75 reputation with Rustbolt Resistance. 

Hope the information we offer can help you a lot in the quest Other Interests WOW. Anyway, you can contact us to buy cheap WOW Classic gold if you need.

The WOWClassicGP Team