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Learn Best WOW Classic Mage Consumables in PvP Recommended

Time: 11/14/19

Are you ready for WOW Classic phase 2? Here is a guide about best WOW Classic Mage consumables you can use. Take a look at this guide and start your journey in phase 2.  

Best Engineering Gadgets for WOW Classic Mage in PvP

One of the best PvP consumables for WOW Classic Mage class is Engineering Gadget, including Grenades and Goblin Sapper Charges. On the one hand, Grenades containing Thorium Grenade and Iron Grenade can offer unbelievable utility such as a long range stun and a tiny bit of damage, which are one of the most powerful PvP tools. On the other hand, Goblin Sapper Charges are amazing AoE damage tools. You can be able to make use of them and Blast Wave if you are a Fire Mage.

Best potions for WOW Classic Mage in PvP

There are totally four best potions for WOW Classic Mage consumable in PvP, like:
- Free Action Potion: It's amazing since you will not mind Stuns or Movement Impairing effects with it. This potion is one of the most popular potions in WOW Classic, which is also famous as Fap. You'd better carry some of these constantly.
- Living Action Potion: It's also known as Lap, which can help negate various stuns and Movement Impairing effects. Please to carry certain amount of these because it will be very useful when you are attacked by a Rogue with Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot. 
- Limited Invulnerability Potion: This potion can give Physical Attacks 6 seconds of immunity, thus you can wait for your cooldowns without taking damage, use Bandages or run away. And it's extremely powerful while you are fighting with Warrior or Rogue. 
- Restorative Potion: It's also known as Resto Pot and will help you a lot while facing Priest and Warlocks Damage Over Time spells, and Rogues pesky poisons. This potion is so important in PvP that you should carry plenty of these all the time. 

Best general consumables for WOW Classic Mage in PvP 

Besides those consumables above, there is also another necessary consumable that you have to carry in PvP, Heavy Runecloth Bandage. Due to no access to healing spells as a Mage, bandages are your best bet for healing up. You can heal up someone by using Polymorph on a target and bandage up, or Frost Nova and Blink.

All significant WOW Classic Mage consumables are presented to all of you. Best wishes in phase 2. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold with best service from us at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team