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Learn Burning Crusade Classic Attunement Details with Six Parts

Time: 03/06/21

With TBC Classic announced, now there are some information of Burning Crusade Classic attunement you need to know. Please learn the recap below to get ready for TBC Classic attunement process ahead of time. 

What is Burning Crusade Classic attunement? 

There is a long attunement for Burning Crusade Classic, which consists of six parts. Throughout Burning Crusade Classic attunement, you will be able to experience plenty of dungeons, Heroics and raids, which can unlocked by key attunements and reputation rewards. And raid attunements require you to defeat every heroic dungeon. So prepare for the long Burning Crusade Classic attunement in advance. 

Six parts of Burning Crusade Classic attunement 

There are a total of six parts in Burning Crusade Classic attunement. And Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern will be separated for phase 2 of TBC Classic. Below is the recap of Burning Crusade Classic attunement process. 
1. Karazhan Attunement
Before you start the attunement process, you have to enter Karazhan first, which is a 10-man raid in TBC. To enter Karazhan, you have to reach level 70 and obtain The Master's Key. During this period, you will be able to unlock the attunement to The Arcatraz and The Black Morass. 
2. Clear nearly every dungeon on Heroic mode 
Heroic dungeons can be unlocked by heroic dungeon keys that can be obtained through reputation grinds. You can clear normal dungeons to earn reputation fast. 
3. Serpentshrine Cavern attunement
After you are attuned to Karazhan and get the Reservoir Key, you can start the third part of TBC attunement. Serpentshrine Cavern is a 25-man raid in Zangarmarsh, which can be unlocked by the Mark of Vashj. 
4. The Cipher of Damnation quest chain
The fourth part of Burning Crusade Classic attunement process is to complete the long Cipher of Damnation quest chain. Completing it can send you to the next step in the attunement process for Tempest Keep. 
5. Tempest Keep attunement
During this part, you need to collect The Tempest Key to unlock The Eye. 
6. Mount Hyjal attunement
You are required to kill Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern and Kael'thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep. When you complete The Vials of Eternity, the Hyjal Summit can be unlocked. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team