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Learn Changes for WOW MDI Summer Season 2019 & More

Time: 07/03/19

With the global WOW Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Summer season approaching, are you interested to join? Let’s learn the changes for the new season first and sign up before July 21. 

Save the main timeline for MDI Summer season

For the new season, everything is much easier than before. Firstly, if you want to join the ranks of the MDI, now you can form a 5-player team and register on the official sign-up page until 10:00pm PDT on July 21. Secondly, Blizzard will review the submission and invite you to the tournament realm before August 4 when everything is in order. And here is the MDI Summer Cup schedule. 
August 10-11: West Cup 1
August 16-17: East Cup 1
August 24-25: West Cup 2
August 30-31: East Cup 2
September 7-8: West Cup 3
September 13-14: East Cup 3

Changes for the new season 

The whole season will make up of dungeons with the newest Seasonal Affix: Beguiling for it’s in BFA Season 3. And to succeed, you and your team will need take Azshara's Emissaries down, who will be through all BFA dungeons. What’s more, the rewards will be increased with more prize money and points given out. 
Tournament Placement    Points Award Per Team    Prize Award Per Team 
1st Place                          210 points                         $6,000
2nd Place                        150 points                          $3,000
3rd Place                         120 points                          $2,000
4th Place                           90 points                          $1,000
5th and 6th Place              60 points                           $1,000
7th and 8th Place              30 points                           $500

From now on please make full of time and prepare yourselves. In addition, you can buy WOW gold cheap from us all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team