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Learn Changes to WOW Mythic+ Scaling in Season 4 on 8.3 PTR

Time: 12/30/19

To prepare for the upcoming patch 8.3, Blizzard has made some changes to WOW Mythic+ scaling on the 8.3 PTR for Season 4, including base Season 4 scaling, the increased K Value and some changes to dungeon.   

Base Mythic dungeons scaled in WOW Mythic+ scaling on 8.3 PTR 

As for the transition to Season 4 on the 8.3 PTR, the base Mythic dungeons have been scaled by 52.6%(45% previously posted). This change to Mythic+ scaling will increase keys by about 4.5 key levels and will affect the health and damage of all mobs in Mythic 0 and Mythic+ dungeons excluding the Mega-dungeon Mechagon. 

K value increased in WOW Mythic+ scaling in Season 4 

In addition, the K value that determines the impact of your defensive stats is also increased from 10,275 to 14,282 in Mythic+ in Season 4, which is a little more in-depth change in this Season and completely independent of base dungeon scaling change. 
Increasing K value is to keep defensive power from scaling out of control. For example, the defensive power of all Tanks will be reduced in this new Season. Their Effective HP (EHP) will be reduced and the damage they will take will be increased. Besides, Armor damage reduction also affects all physical damage. The higher your Armor, the more you will be affected. And cloth wearers will not be influenced as much as plate wearers. 

Dungeon changes in WOW Mythic+ scaling on 8.3 PTR for Season 4 

What's more, there are also tuning changes to spells of some dungeons on the PTR, such as Freehold, King's Rest and Operation: Mechagon. You can see numerical changes, but the changes like buff type and health changes must be tested in game. For example, in King's Rest test, you can find there is no damage nerf to Shadow of Zul but a slight health nerf. And now animated Guardian's Released Inihibitors is an Enrage effect and can be Soothed. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team