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Learn Details of Burning Crusade Classic New Stats & Primary Stats

Time: 03/02/21

There will be several new stats added to Burning Crusade Classic, such as Expertise, Resilience, Haste and more. Apart from these Burning Crusade Classic new stats, TBC also has several primary stats. The full details of TBC stats can be learned below. 

New Burning Crusade Classic stats upcoming 

When Burning Crusade Classic is released, you will be able to see several new stats, including: 
1. Expertise 
If you have more Expertise, the enemies will dodge or parry you less by a certain %. 
2. Haste
This new stat will increase your melee and ranged attack speed, and/or your spell casting speed. Besides, 15.8 Haste Rating at level 70 can gain 1% haste. 
3. Armor Penetration
Using Armor Penetration Rating on gear can help you ignore some of your target's armor. And 5.92 Armor Penetration Rating at level 70 can ignore 1% armor. 
4. Resilience
You can mainly find Resilience on PvP gear. Resilience is a new stat coming in TBC, which can make you more durable against critical strikes. 39.4 Resilience Rating at level 70 will reduce the chance to be Crit by 1% and your damage taken from Critical Strikes by 2%. 
5. Gem Sockets
Gem Sockets allow you to place gems to increase your stats. And gems can be crafted via Jewelcrafting profession. 

Burning Crusade Classic primary stats

Apart from the five new stats, you will also see these primary stats in Burning Crusade Classic, like: 
1. Strength: increasing the melee attack power and the damage you can block with a Shield. 
2. Agility: increasing some classes' ranged and Melee attack power, Armor rating, Dodge chance, Critical Strike chance. 
3. Intellect: increasing the maximum mana for mana classes, the chance to score a Critical Strike with spells. 
4. Stamina: increasing the maximum health. 
5. Spirit: increasing health regeration and mana regeneration.

Keep your eyes peel at Burning Crusade Classic new stats and primary stats. If you have any need, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team