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Learn Details of WOW Castle Nathria Raid Trinket Procs & More

Time: 09/15/20

It has been revealed that Shadowlands build 35854 has several WOW Castle Nathria raid trinket procs with different effects. Read below for the specific details and the information of some bosses' loots. 

WOW Castle Nathria raid trinket procs in Shadowlands build 35854 

Based on the latest Shadowlands build 35854, we learn that there have been several procs added to Castle Nathria raid trinkets so far, and they have different effects:
1. Nathria Trinket/Nathria Trinket (DNT) (Use)
  - Absorb up to [4977*(1+Versatility)] damage and heal for twice the remaining amount after 6 sec. (1 min cooldown)
  - Heal target for 1985 plus any healing stored within the mirror. (1 min cooldown)
  - Unleash 3 incendiary flames at the target inflicting 3970 Fire damage. (1 min, 30 sec cooldown)
  - Next 5 damaging abilities inflict Shattered Psyche, dealing 900 Shadow damage and increasing the target's damage taken from Shattered Psyche by 2% for 5 sec and stacking up to 25 times. (2 min cooldown)
  - Form Huntsman's Bond with an ally for 30 sec. 25% of incoming damage will be redirected to your bonded ally, up to [16721*(1+Versatility)] total damage. (2 min cooldown) 
2. Nathria Trinket/Nathria Trinket (DNT) (Equip)
  - For every 3240 mana spent, store 14490 healing within the mirror, up to 144896 for 30 sec. 
  - There's a high chance of your autoattacks to steal 123 health, healing yourself for three times the health stolen. While overhealing, gain Juggernaut, dealing [105*5*(1+Versatility)] Physical damage to nearby enemies over 15 sec, but suppressing the lifesteal effect. 
  - Your next single target heal will grant 130 Leech for 10 sec while casting a damaging spell, which will occur once every 30 sec. 
  - Proclaiming your allegiance to the Stone Legion will increase your Versatility by 53, increased by 10% for each Stone Legionnaire in your party. 

Boss loots in WOW Castle Nathria raid 

During the newest Shadowlands Build, it has been confirmed that Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius bosses drop higher item level loot, which is 7 item level higher than the rest of the raid. And one of the items is weapon and offhand through weapon tokens. Here is a list showing the item level of all bosses in Castle Nathria: 
1. First 8 bosses item level 
  - LFR: 187
  - Normal: 200
  - Heroic: 213
  - Mythic: 226
2. Last two bosses item level 
  - LFR: 194
  - Normal: 207
  - Heroic: 220 
  - Mythic: 233
One more thing, it has also been revealed that Artificer Xy'mox boss drops Portable Pocket Dimension that is a 32-slot bag. 

In a word, come to preview the current WOW Castle Nathria raid trinket procs and more. Besides, please buy cheap WOW gold and others from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team