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Learn Details of WOW Demon Hunter Legendary Powers in Shadowlands

Time: 12/30/20

WOW Demon Hunter legendary powers include the general legendary powers for both specs and specific legendary powers for each spec. Read on for more details.  

Four general WOW Demon Hunter legendary powers 

There are four general legendary powers that are available for all Demon Hunter specs, including: 
1. Collective Anguish (wrist & back): casting Eye Beam and Fel Devastation summons an allied "Vengeance" and "Havoc" Demon Hunter who casts Fel Devastation and Eye Beam. 
2. Darkest Hour (chest & legs): automatically triggering Darkness while falling below 35% health. 
3. Darkglare Boon (neck or waist): Eye Beam and Fel Devastation have a 20% chance to not incur its cooldown.
4. Fel Bombardment (head & shoulder): Immolation Aura damage has a chance to give you a stack of Fel Bombardment, increasing the damage that your next Throw Glaive deals to your primary target by 50% and launching an additional glaive at a nearby target. 

Specific WOW Demon Hunter legendary powers 

1. Havoc Demon Hunter legendary powers
- Burning Wound (chest & back): Demon's Bite leaves an open wound on your enemy to deal Chaos damage over 15 sec and increase damage taken from your Immolation Aura by 50%.
- Chaos Theory (waist & hands): Blade Dance has a 30% chance to give you Chaotic Blades that can increase the damage of Chaos Strike by 50% and its chance to refund Fury by an additional 60% for 8 sec.
- Darker Nature (shoulder & feet): Enemies who are slain within 4 sec of taking damage from Eye Beam have a 25% chance to convert their Soul Fragment into a Demon Soul Fragment.
- Erratic Fel Core (feet & finger): reducing the cooldown of Fel Rush by 30%. 
2. Vengeance Demon Hunter legendary powers
- Fel Flame Fortification (waist & finger): You take 15% reduced magic damage when Immolation Aura is active. 
- Fiery Soul (wrist & hands): Each Soul Fragment consumed by Soul Cleave reduces the cooldown of Fiery Brand by 2 sec. 
- Razelikh's Defilement (legs & wrist): Soul Cleave reduces the remaining cooldown on a random Sigil by 8 sec.
- Spirit of the Darkness Flame (head & neck): Your Fiery Brand heals you for 100% of its initial damage done. Each enemy hit by your Sigil of Flame increases the instant damage of your next Fiery Brand by 15%, stacking up to 15 times. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team