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Learn Details of WOW Operation: Mechagon Dungeon with 8 Bosses

Time: 01/23/20

There is a dungeon named Operation: Mechagon you can play in patch 8.3. It is available for Heroic and Mythic+ difficulties with two instances. During this dungeon, you will be able to encounter and defeat a total of eight bosses.  

WOW Operation: Mechagon: max-level dungeon with 8 bosses 

Operation: Mechagon is a dungeon in Mechagon, which has max level and eight bosses. It's only available for players with level 120 on Mythic difficulty. With patch 8.3 available, Heroic and Mythic+ difficulties are added to Operation: Mechagon, and it is split into two different instances for these difficulties. 

8 bosses in WOW Operation: Mechagon 

You will encounter a total of 8 bosses in Operation: Mechagon dungeon, with 4 outside Mechagon city and 4 inside:  
1. Bosses outside Mechagon city
  - Gunker located in The Outflow
  - Trixie Tazer & Naeno Megacrash located in Bondo's Yard  
  - King Gobbamak located in Scrapbone Den
  - HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit located in Junkwatt Depot  
2. Bosses inside Mechagon city
When you defeat the final boss outside Mechagon, HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit, then you will enter the city and will encounter another four bosses:  
  - Tussle Tonks: contains The Platinum Pummeler and Gnomercy 4.U. bosses. 
  - K.U.-J.0.: easy to meet with few mechanics
  - Machinist's Garden boss: many hidden traps included. 
  - King Mechagon 

Be careful in WOW Operation: Mechagon dungeon. And look forward to your excellent performance for defeating all the bosses. What is more, you can come to our site to buy cheap WOW gold and related goods if you want. 

The WOWClassicGP Team