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Learn Details of WOW Shadowlands Bastion with Access & Dungeons

Time: 10/01/20

WOW Bastion is the first of the four Covenant realms and the home of Kyrian Covenant in Shadowlands expansion. From us you can learn the access to it as well as its two dungeons with bosses. 

How to get to WOW Shadowlands Bastion? 

Bastion is the first questing zone in Shadowlands expansion and is the home of Kyrian Covenant. This Covenant realm features soaring angelic architecture, light and purity. Thus, Bastion is also a fitting home to the guardians of the noble dead. 
Bastion is open to access while the Shadowlands is released. And to enter it, you also need to reach level 50 and complete Shadowlands introductory questline in Oribos. Then a gateway connecting the capital and every other zone to Bastion will be opened, and you can access to Bastion. 

WOW Bastion dungeons: Necrotic Wake & Spires of Ascension 

Bastion has two dungeons and each of them contains four bosses. On the one hand, The Necrotic Wake is the invasion point where the forces of Maldraxxus strikes out against Bastion, requiring level 51. On the other hand, Spires of Ascension is a part of Bastion in which ascending Kyrian are tested, requiring level 60. And the bosses contained in the two dungeons are listed below: 
- The Necrotic Wake: Blightbone, Amarth, Surgeon Stitchflesh, Nalthor the Rimebinder. 
- Spires of Ascension: Azules, Ventunax, Oryphrion, Devos. 

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