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Learn Fondest Memories & Expectations to WOW Classic with Creators

Time: 08/22/19

It's our pleasure to see the WOW Classic with creators video for celebrating the Classic full release. And we have known the precious memories of some original World of Warcraft designers as well as their passions and loves to this game and their careers. 
Fondest memories & passion to WOW Classic with creators

From the video, we can know how the original WOW game designers started to create this game. At the start of creating, a lot of the first things developed and designed were in the Human Starting Zone, Elwynn Forest and Westfall, Quests, Artwork, and Characters. The Designers such as Alex Afrasiabi, Tom Chilton, Jeff Kaplan and so on states that they were pretty naive during the early development, since there was no consideration when designing and creating things. And until many years later, they realized that those design choices have caused a great impact. What's more, the developers are very excited for WOW Classic coming in a near future and they believe players will recognize how fantastic and wonderful WOW Classic is.

Anticipate a good future to WOW Classic

We also have learned that these developers are glad to see the Classic launched less than a week and have great expectations for WOW Classic future. Besides, Blizzard employees are hoping WOW Classic will reappear the original version of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft and re-spark players' passion to begin their adventures in Classic. All of them believe even 15 years later the "Magic" of the game is definitely still there with the hope that the community will have a whole new experience with WOW Classic.   

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The WOWClassicGP Team