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Learn Guide for WOW Eternal Palace Raid Finder Wing 2

Time: 07/31/19

Want to feel cool breeze in this hot summer? Choose to play Wow and spend a long hot summer comfortably. The WOW Eternal Palace: Raid Finder Wing 2 has been live along with three bosses, including Lady Ashvane, Orgozoa and Queen's Court. After you defeat them, you will get fantastic rewards. Now it has been started. What should you do in it?

Tips to beat bosses

1. To defeat Lady Ashvane, cooperate with your allies to intercept Rippling Waves before approaching to Lady Ashvane; You can trace Arcing Azerite to destroy Coral Growths to prevent being engulfed by Rippling Waves. Also, you need to be careful about her hardened carapace, because it can become stronger when carapace regrows every time.
2. To defeat Orgozoa, Tanks would better make use of damage mitigation abilities to avoid being killed by her melee while fighting with Orgozoa; and dead Zoatrolds will attack with Amniotic Splatter, so Tanks need to move into puddles to absorb the damage; what's more, move away from players with Incubation Fluid when Arcing Current is cast. 
3. To defeat Queen's Court, obey decrees from Queen Azshara to protect from additional damage or other ill effects; and destroy Potent Sparks to prevent inflicting lethal damage. You must defeat Silivaz the Zealous and Pashmar the Fanatical at the same time in case they heal themselves and resume their assault.

Rewards you can get after defeating bosses

Boss loot will be obtained after defeating these bosses and the three bosses have different loot. You can get thirteen loot from Ashvane such as Helm of Hideous Transformation, Cultured Pearl Armbands and so on, fifteen from Orgozoa and fourteen from Queen's Court. However, all the boss loot starts to drop at ilvl 400. What's more, you will have a chance to get Azshari Bloatray Mount after defeating three bosses as well as other bosses on Normal difficulty or higher; and title reward may be available if you beat bosses in the Eternal Palace on Mythic difficulty.

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The WOWClassicGP Team