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Learn Latest WOW Classic European & Oceanic Realm Structure

Time: 07/04/19

Based on the players’ feedback, Blizzard has updated the European Realm structure in WOW Classic, split up by language. Meanwhile, they also make a decision to bring Oceanic Realms to Classic. And more details will be shared before the name reservations. Then when you need Classic WOW gold, please come to us directly. 

Plans for Classic European Realms changed 

As a matter of fact, a few days ago Blizzard ever announced they would not divide the European Realm by language (except for Russian). But now they have updated their plans after further review and consideration of players’ feedback. It’s announced the EU Realms will be split by language. Besides the expected English and Russian Realms, there will be also French and German Realms in the European region. 
Further more, in the final stress test you may be able to experience the English, French, German, and Russian language realms directly. 

Enjoy Oceanic Realms in WOW Classic 

Blizzard plan to bring Oceanic Realm to Classic WOW while game servers will be hosted in Australia, since there are many Classic enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. 

More details shared before August 12/13

On the other hand, it’s revealed that more information will be shared before the start of name reservations on August 12/13, like the names of the Oceanic Realms, the numbers of European Realms & types for each langue. 

Anyway, please keep an close eye on our news in case there will be more changes and updates for the game. And there will be always cheap Classic WOW gold for sale on our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team