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Learn Primary Tank Warrior in Classic World of Warcraft

Time: 07/29/19

In WOW Classic, the protection warriors are the primary tanks as the first call to lead the group to battle. And they work off of rage, generated from dealing and taking damage. Besides, the warrior is the only class able to play as any race in game. 

How to gain rage?

As the baseline mechanic for all warriors, Rage starts at 0 and increases to 100 at most. The quantity of rage generated is dictated by how much damage is dealt by the weapon attack or by how much damage is taken in. Via various abilities and talents, rage can be generated as well. 
Firstly, rage is generated by melee attacks made with your weapon, applying to white hits only. And you can obtain 75% of rage from attacks which are dodged and parried, while 0 rage is obtained if the attack misses. Secondly, the primary source of rage generation is via raids and dungeon boss fights, which is proportional to the damage taken divided by the level of the mob doing damage to you. Additionally, 10 rage can be generated instantly by Bloodrage along with 1 extra point of rage every second for 10 seconds, while Berserker Rage is of use in increasing your rage generated from being hit & breaking /avoiding fear. 

Warrior- available for any race in game

Since warriors can play as any race in the game and are the only class, you can make your choice among many options by looks and feel of your warriors. And Alliance warriors will benefit from the Paladins in your group. They take Blessing of Kings to increase your effective HP & your damage output, and Blessing of Might to offer you bonus raw attack power. Besides, they provide very key auras to their group members, especially Devotion Aura and Fire Resistance Aura. On the other hand, Horde warriors can access Shamans, while haman Totems are extremely strong group-only buffs and work on the elements. There are 4 total totems out for the shaman (one of each type). 

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The WOWClassicGP Team