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Learn Tips to Defeat WOW Classic World Boss Azuregos in Phase 2

Time: 11/23/19

WOW Classic Azuregos is another world bosses appearing in phase 2. As Lord Kazzak, there is no exact respawn timer, but he can last several days. Here is guide about how to kill him as well as his abilities and loots you can get. 

How to defeat WOW Classic world boss Azuregos?

Azuregos is immune to arcane spells and has high frost-resistance. At the beginning of the combat, you should ensure your tank has gained aggro before engaging. Since the aggro will be reset when Azuregos uses his Teleport ability causing all players within 30 yds to be teleported to his location, you should make time for your tank to reestablish aggro through stopping all damage and running back out to your original position. Besides, DPS shouldn't stand in front of Azuregos in order to avoid his Cleave and Frost Breath abilities. Moreover, you should run out of his Manastorm as soon as possible, because it also works as a mana drain and stops casting when he uses Magic Reflection ability. If you die, you will be out of the fight for 15 minutes because of the debuff  Mark of Frost.   

Abilities of WOW Classic world boss Azuregos 

Azuregos is a world boss in WOW Classic phase 2, which appears in the southeastern area of Azshara. The exact time when he can spawn is unknown, but sometimes he can take several days to reappear. When he appears, he is neutral; but he can turn aggressive after speaking with him. And he can use the following abilities to fight with you:
- Cleave can hit an additional target standing in front of him.   
- Chill can frost damage, which slows attack and movement speed.  
- Frost Breath can cone shaped attack, which damages and slows targets.  
- Manastorm: a Blizzard-like spell can drain mana of those standing in it.  
- Mark of Frost freezes players in a block of ice after respawning, which lasts 15 minutes and can't be removed. It can be received upon death.  
- Magic Reflection: a magic reflection shield  
- Teleport can teleport players directly on top of him and reset aggro. 

Get loots after defeating WOW Classic world boss Azuregos  

When you kill Azuregos, you can get many loots from him. Apart from Cold Snap, Crystal Adorned Crown and Drape of Benediction items, you will also be able to obtain Eskhandar's Left Claw, Fang of the Mystics, Leggings of Arcane Supremacy, Mature Blue Dragon Sinew, Puissant Cape, Snowblind Shoes, Typhoon and Unmelting Ice Girdle. 

Hope you can defeat WOW Classic Azuregos smoothly with this guide. In addition, cheap WOW Classic gold is always on sale at our site. Welcome to place your order anytime. 

The WOWClassicGP Team