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Learn Unique Faction for WOW Classic Alliance - Paladin

Time: 07/25/19

As the unique Faction for the Alliance Classic WOW, the races you can choose as a Paladin include Human and Dwarf. Which will you choose to be?

The best PvE race for Paladin

When choosing between Human and Dwarf, actually you choice mostly comes down to your personal preference since neither race provides an important advantage for Holy Paladins. 
Human can give a small benefit in the form of The human Spirit, increasing the quantity of mama that you passively generate while out of combat or by following the 5-second rule, so they are marginally the best PvE race for Paladin. But this is a marginal gain for Paladins don’t use Spirit as their major method of mana generation. When needing to gain reputation for gear, mounts and patterns at level 60, Diplomacy is an excellent time-saver as well. 
On the other hand, Humans are decent in PvP owing to Perception (making you potentially see a Rogue before they open on you if you use the ability with them nearby). But, to use Perception you need activate it, this is incredibly situational and challenging to make use of. 

The best PvP race for Paladin

Dwarves are the best choice in PvP although they provide no benefits for PvE. And Stoneform is an pretty powerful ability, changing the course of a fight when a Rogue or Warrior is attacking you by allowing you to drop their bleeds and poisons (including Blind). Finally, Stoneform in AQ40 will be of use thanks to the high number of poison debuffs, but it will be little use in other dungeons or raids. 

Although Paladins cannot be Horde, in contrary, Shaman is their own unique class for Horde. In brief, let’s have a nice adventure with gold purchase from the best WOW Classic gold site here. 

The WOWClassicGP Team