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Learn Upper Blackrock Spire Guide of WOW Classic

Time: 07/01/19

How much do you know about Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon in WoW Classic? As a 10-player raid UBRS is split into two parts, Lower and Upper. Today let’s learn how to enter the Upper Spire. 

Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon in WoW Classic

Upper Blackrock Spire(UBRS) is located in the Blackrock Mountain. And the raid will start in the first floor Dragonspire Hall, after extinguishing each of the seven runes located within each alcove, there will be a small hallway that will lead to the second floor Hall of Binding. You can unlock Pyroguard Emberseer by killing each Blackhand Incarcerator around the room, and then you will enter The Rookery after killing the Pyroguard. The Rookery will contain the Solakar Flamewreath Event, which most groups choose to avoid. However if doing the event, you can hug the wall. Make sure everyone has their back to a wall when on the landing above The Rookery and kill all the mobs. Otherwise, they will get knocked into the lower level by charging mobs. And then you will enter the third floor Hall of Blackhand, where you need kill Goraluk Anvilcrack. After that you can enter Blackrock Stadium at the Southern Edge to avoid immediately starting the Gauntlet. Completing the Gauntlet and killing all the waves can beckon Gythand Warchief Rend Blackhand. Finally, you enter The Furnace to kill The Beast and then go to the Spire Throne to kill General Drakkisath.

Floor maps of Upper Blackrock Spire

First Floor: Dragonspire Hall

First Floor
Second Floor: Hall of Binding and The Rookery

Second Floor
Third Floor: Hall of Blackhand, Blackrock Stadium The Furnace, and Spire Throne

Third Floor

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