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Learn WOW Classic 1.13.7 PTR Updates with Seal Twisting & More

Time: 02/05/21

There are a series of WOW Classic 1.13.7 PTR updates revealed in the latest Blue Post, including keeping Seal Twisting, and other item changes. You can learn the further updates from us below. 

WOW Classic 1.13.7 PTR change on Seal Twisting 

Blizzard has posted a Blue Post announcing that they will keep Seal Twisting after the spell batching change. Thus, Paladin seals replaced by a different seal will persist on Paladin for a very short time. Since the batch size is greatly reduced, a slight buffer is being added when you make seals allow you to proc two in the same wing. Blizzard hopes Paladin keeps the ability to do so. 

Details of more WOW Classic 1.13.7 PTR updates 

At the same time, Blizzard also reveals other WOW Classic 1.13.7 PTR updates, including: 
1. Mark Mark of the Champion, Rune of the Dawn and Seal of the Dawn's benefits as "passive" auras. They will not count towards the player buff cap. 
2. The issue causing Arcanite Dragonling, Vanquished Tentacle of C'thun and other summoned guardians to be stuck on defensive AI and impossible to attack enemies is fixed. 
3. Now Shadow Oil and Frost Oil can be able to proc when player is on the Global Cooldown. 
4. Fix the issue that Barov Peasant Caller trinket only generates 1 Peasant.
5. Fix the issue that Brimstone Staff and Rhok'delar, Longbow of Ancient Keepers can't animate properly in-game. 
6. Eye of the Dead trinket changes:
  - Chain Heal, Prayer of Healing and other spells only consume a single charge. 
  - While using Heal-Over-Time spells, it can consume a charge properly. 
7. In Heigan the Unclean in the Naxxramas, the places where Plague Waves overlap and result in double damage are fixed. 
8. Extend the range of Heigan the Unclean's Mana Burn ability when Heigan is Tanked in phase 1. 

Take a sneak peek at WOW Classic 1.13.7 PTR updates. Additionally, please continue to buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team