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Learn WOW Classic Melee DPS Key Abilities for Rogue & Warrior

Time: 09/11/19

What role are you playing in Classic? If it's WOW Classic melee DPS, here are the most important key abilities for both Rogue and Warrior melee DPS for all of you. Take a look to build up yourselves in game.   

What key abilities are available for Classic Rogue Melee DPS?

As for WOW Classic Rogue Melee DPS, there are several key abilities suggested, including:
1. Sinister Strike: Rougues have two major builds for PvE including Swords and Daggers. You will be able to use Sinister Strike as your combo point generator if you're playing sword spec.
2. Backstab: If you're playing Dagger spec, Backstab will be your main generator.  
3. Slice and Dice: It is important to maximize your damage by keeping up Slice and Dice, which is your highest priority.   
4. Eviscerate: This finishing move is your second priority, you will spend your combo points on Eviscerate for extra damage as long as it doesn't cost you losing uptime on Slice and Dice.  
5. Expose Armor: A Rogue Melee DPS in the raid will spec into improved expose armor and maintain this on bosses.

Key abilities available for WOW Classic Warrior Melee DPS 

If you play a Melee DPS role as Warrior, five key abilities are recommended to use, like:
1. Bloodthirst: You should use bloodthrist on cooldown for at least 31 points in the fury tree for your talents, unless your target is in execute range.  
2. Whirlwind: This ability can be used on cooldown outside of execute phase.
3. Execute: It does incredible damage to targets at low life, which is probably one of the most iconic abilities for a DPS class in Vanilla.
4. Heroic Strike: It can increase the damage of your next main-hand auto attack. You will use this ability when you are high on rage and in danger of capping, and avoid this ability when low on rage.  
5. Hamstring: It can be used to fill empty globals while your main skills are on cooldown. On Horde side it's especially important because hamstring will give you a chance to proc Windfury Totem. 

Please keep these important keys in mind to play game smoothly. By the way, choose WOWClassicGP.com to buy cheap WOW Classic powerleveling for fast leveling.

The WOWClassicGP Team