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Learn WOW Classic Shaman Guide & Buy WOW Classic Gold

Time: 07/13/19

As the WOW Classic’s Horde only class, Shamans are all about Totems. On the other hand, they also have the best area of effect heal in the game - Chain Heal. And three races are introduced below. 

Totems details 

Placed by the shaman in exchange for Mana and a global cooldown, a totem is a stationary, generally one-shotttable owing to very low health, independent object in the game world. Shamans have access to many totems, each of which has a unique, often niche, ability. 
One totem of each element can be placed at once:
Water like Healing Stream Totem;
Earth like Strength of Earth Totem;
Air like Windfury Totem;
Fire like Searing Totem. 
At the same time, Shamans possess the best area of effect heal - Chain Heal and can single target heal when needed with Healing Wave and Lesser Healing Wave as well. 

3 races in game 

Orcs - one of the best PvP races in game owing to Hardiness, causing you to resist enemy crowd control 25% more often for a total of 30% when accounting for the baseline 5% chance to resist stuns. And the stun effects include Iron Grenade, Tidal Charm, or the dreaded Kidney Shot.
Trolls - the best race in PvE. Berserking grants up to 30% cast speed increase, especially when used right after a big area of effect ability from the boss that lowered your health significantly.
Taurens - a decent option for both PvP and PvE, possessing a little additional health owing to Endurance. 

Additionally, the latest Classic closed beta has been shut down, and you will have another chance to play Classic WoW with the stress test on July 25. And once the Classic is released, you can buy WOW Classic gold from us instantly. 

The WOWClassicGP Team