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Learn WOW Shadowlands Class Changes: Covenant & Unpruning Abilities

Time: 02/22/20

There are many class changes in WOW Shadowlands, such as Covenant abilities and unpruning abilities for classes. You will learn the returned unpruning abilities for each class and many specific Covenant abilities received from each Covenant.    

Unpruning abilities for classes in WOW Shadowlands

The new WOW expansion Shadowlands is upcoming in 2020. And during this expansion, a lot of unpruning abilities will come back before Shadowlands is live. Here are the unpruning abilities for several classes: 
- Death Knights: Raise Dead, Summon Gargoyle, Anti-Magic Zone
- Hunters: Kill Shot, Eyes of the Beast, Hunter's Mark 
- Mages: Frostbolt, Fire Blast and Arcane Explosion
- Priests: Mind Blast, Flash Heal and Shadow Word: Death
- Warlocks: Curse of Doom, Curse of Tongues, Curse of Recklessness, Curse of Weakness. Ritual of Doom, Demonic Circle

Class Covenant abilities in WOW Shadowlands

Apart from the unpruning abilities for classes, classes will also get specific Covenant abilities from each Covenant, and the Covenant abilities are different from each other. 
1. Kyrian Covenant abilities
Kyrian Covenant will give specific and unique abilities to totally 12 classes. For example, Shackle the Unworthy for Death Knights can reduce the damage you take by 5% and deal 12,158 Arcane damage over 14seconds. Radiant Spark for Mages can causes 2.28x Arcane damage instantly, and additional x damage over 8 sec.
2. Necrolord Covenant abilities
Abomination Limb for Death Knights can deal 4,900 Shadow damage to the nearest enemy per 2 seconds and pull the enemy five yards from you to your location. Mage also receive the Contagion Bolt ability. 
3. Night Fae Covenant abilities  
 Shifting Power for Mages can deal 5,550 Nature damage to nearby enemies over the duration. And the Death's Due ability for Death Knights can deal 14,250 Nature damage over 10 seconds to targets.
4. Venthyr Covenant abilities
 Death Knights can get Swarming Mist to increase Avoidance by 311 and deal 136 Shadow damage every 1 second to enemies within 10 yards. The Mirrors of Torment ability is available for Mages. 

Click here to learn more information and details about unpruning abilities and Covenant abilities in WOW Shadowlands expansion. 

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