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Learn WOW Shadowlands New Character Customizations & Contents

Time: 12/28/19

The new WOW expansion Shadowlands is coming in 2020. Based on the introduction previously posted, today we want to tell you the new information of character customizations and new contents in Shadowlands. 

New character customizations in WOW Shadowlands 

As World of Warcraft new expansion, Shadowlands will show off many new character customizations. Some of them have been previewed at BlizzCon, and more will come through the development cycle for Shadowlands. Let's take a look at the confirmed new character customizations: 
- Trolls and Dwarves will be able to get new warpaint options. 
- Forsaken will be able to customize their levels of decay. 
- Humans will gain more ethnically diverse faces. 
- Draenei will be able to customize tail length and crystalline decorations. 
- Eye color can be different than skin color. 

New contents in WOW Shadowlands expansion  

From WOW Shadowlands expansion you will be able to see many new contents, including dungeons, raid, covenants and more. Details are introduced below: 
1. Dungeons
  - Leveling dungeons: The Necrotic Wake, Plaguefall, Mists of Tirna Scithe and Halls of Atonement. 
  - Level cap dungeons: Theater of Pain, The Other Side, Spires of Ascension, Sanguine Depths and Thorgast, Tower of the Damned. 
2. Raid: Castle Nathria in Revendreth including 10 bosses. 
3. Anima: A resource native to Shadowlands can help the covenants keep their purpose. You can use it on a new system Soulbinding in which you will become soulbound to a NPC of your chosen covenant, and your soulbind will provide certain powers. 
4. The Forge of Domination: Legendaries will come back to Shadowlands with an entirely new acquisition system. And you can use this special forge to build your own legendary. 
Click here to learn covenants, features and more details of Shadowlands. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team