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Learn WOW Stormwind & Ogrimmar Updates with New Class Trainers & More

Time: 04/28/20

Blizzard has updated WOW Stormwind and Ogrimmar class hub with new class trainers and other changes in Shadowlands alpha. Now Stormwind Training Hall and Ogrimmar Barracks can contain all class trainers. Keep your eyes peel to learn the detailed updates of these two areas.      

Changes to WOW Stormwind Training Hall in Shadowlands alpha

Training Hall is in the Old Town of Stormwind city. Now it has changed a lot, such as:
1. There is the new tree outside, and the entryway has been decorated. You will see Warrior trainers inside.
2. An expeditionary vendor is at the entrance, selling a few recolored expeditionary weapon transmogs for each faction.

3. Hunter trophies leads up to the Monk trainer upstairs.
4. Mage and Druid trainers are on the second floor.
5. A suit of armor is in the basement along with the Warlock and Rogue sections.

6. The Warlocks appear to have a dormant infernal.
7. There are also some changes to the feast, Priestand Paladin trainers and Shaman corner.

Changes to WOW Ogrimmar Barracks in Shadowlands alpha

Barracks is located in the Valley of Honor of Orgrimmar. With Shadowlands alpha going on, Ogrimmar Barracks also has some changes, like:
1. New Barracks in Shadowlands alpha.

2. A vendor is at the entrance, selling expeditionary weapon. 
3. Druid, Shaman and Hunter trainers are on the left.
4. Warrior, Paladin and Priest trainers are on the right.
5. Mage and Monk trainers are in the back left side of the Barracks, alongside some high quality arts.
6. There is more fancy artwork, leading to the Rogue and Warlock areas in the back right.

All WOW Stormwind and Ogrimmar updates can be viewed via some pictures. By the way, you can also choose us to buy cheap WOW gold and other related products.

The WOWClassicGP Team