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Learn WOW Torghast Bonus Events with Schedule & More Details

Time: 01/13/21

Shadowlands has a series of WOW Torghast bonus events to join in. During these events, you can be able to receive various new abilities to utilize. Further details such as schedule can be seen here. 

What are WOW Torghast bonus events? 

Torghast bonus events are available in Shadowlands and include three events: 
- Beasts of Prodigum
- Chorus of Dead Souls
- Unbridled Darkness
All of the three events can provide new event Anima Powers that can grant loads of new abilities to use in your adventure through the halls. Choosing the event Anima Power at the beginning of your dungeon run can change the remaining choices for that run to contain additional event themed Anima Powers. 

WOW Torghast bonus events schedule 

Currently, WOW Torghast bonus event is Beasts of Prodigum. And the schedule for all Torghast bonus events can be learned below: 
1. Beasts of Prodigum
- Jan. 12, 2021
- Apr. 6, 2021
- June. 29, 2021
2. Chorus of Dead Souls
- Feb. 9, 2021
- May. 4, 2021
3. Unbridled Darkness
- Mar. 9, 2021
- June. 1, 2021 
What's more, there is also a rotating schedule of different activities, which will run every week beginning on Tuesday. 

Keep your eyes peel at WOW Torghast bonus events and join in the events according to the schedule. What's more, cheap WOW gold is for sale at best price as well. You can purchase them from us at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team