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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Learn WOW Wish Cricket Locations in Ardenweald for Bonus Items
Learn WOW Wish Cricket Locations in Ardenweald for Bonus Items

Time: 01/04/21

WOW Wish Cricket is useful cricket that can be found in Shadowlands Ardenweald. When you find one, you can be awarded some bonus items. Learn the locations of Wish Cricket below to find it easily. 

Where to find WOW Wish Cricket? 

Wish Cricket is added to Shadowlands and can be found in Ardenweald. Here are the four locations offered to help you look for Wish Crickets fast: 
- /way 31.8, 37.8
- /way 29.2, 47.4
- /way 62.6, 39.6
- /way 53.0, 60.2

Wish Cricket Locations 
Please note that WOW Wish Cricket is small and can jump when you get near it. When Wish Crickets let out a little chitter sound and slow down, you can start to catch up them. 

Bonus items contained in WOW Wish Cricket 

There are some random bonus items contained in Wish Cricket. When it stops and says "Chirp!", you can be able to get bonus items randomly, such as: 
- A Conduit called Tireless Pursuit 
- 2 Animaflower Bud
- Runetender Headguard
- Coin of Brokerage
- Duskwarder Knife
- 4 Nascent Sporepod
- 1 Temporal Leaves
- 4 Celestial Acorn
- Wealdwood 
- Unusually Large Mushroom
- Duskwarder Branch 
Apart from these items, you may also be awarded certain amount of gold. 

Hope now you can know where to get hold of WOW Wish Cricket for random bonus items. By the way, you can also buy cheap WOW gold and other related products at our site anytime. 

The WOWClassicGP Team