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Look at WOW Shadowlands Alpha Pet Battle Changes with Ability & Stat

Time: 05/18/20

Here are many changes made to WOW Shadowlands Alpha pet battles, including ability changes and stat changes. Read on for more details.  

WOW Shadowlands Alpha pet battle ability changes 

Let's look at Shadowlands Alpha pet battle ability changes first, including:
1. Black Claw/Hunting Party: Hunting party increases base damage, but opponents now only take 50% increased damage for 1 round. Black Claw ability isn't changed.
2. Flock and similar abilities: Flocking the target deals 133 Flying damage on the first round, 222 Flying on the second round and 310 Flying on the third round. The opponents now take 50% increased damage for 2 rounds. The similar abilities are like Stampede, Swarm, Inflation and Dead Man's Party.
3. Twilight Meteorite: Reducing the damage by this ability to 659 Dragonkin damage. Money Meteor is also changed.
4. Jar of Smelly Liquid: Dealing 283 Humanoid damage, and reducing the target's speed by 50% as well as damage done by 50% for 1 rounds. The cooldown is increased to 2 rounds.
5. Righteous Inspiration: Starting on cooldown. The user inspires a friendly pet to charge into battle. The swapped-in pet has double speed and damage for 1 rounds. If all their friends are dead, the user can still inspire themselves.
6. Ancient Knowledge: Healing the user for 490 health and increasing the maximum health of your active pet by 10 per level for 5 rounds.

WOW Shadowlands Alpha pet stat changes 

What's more, the stat changes of Shadowlands Alpha pet are also changed, such as:
1. Boghopper: Health: 1339; Power: 248; Speed: 349.
2. Cinder Kitten: Health: 1400; Power: 284; Speed: 284. 
3. Crypt Fiend: Health: 1197; Power: 349; Speed: 276. 
4. Hermit Crab: Health: 1278; Power: 272; Speed: 337. 
5. Mechanical Cockroach: Health: 1587; Power: 248; Speed: 293. 
6. Mechanical Prairie Dog: Health: 1506; Power: 297; Speed: 260. 
7. Slimy Darkhunter: Health/Power: 236; Power/Speed: 265; Power/B: 249. 
8. Tiny Blue Carp: Health: 1465; Power: 281; Speed: 281.

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The WOWClassicGP Team