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Home > WOWClassicGP News > More Details about WOW Classic Dire Maul: Boss Loot, Librams & More
More Details about WOW Classic Dire Maul: Boss Loot, Librams & More

Time: 10/12/19

With WOW Classic Dire Maul coming, we decide to show you more details in order to let you know more about this new dungeon. Based on the basic information provided earlier, the new details of boss loot, librams and more are presented to you.       

A list of boss loot in WOW Classic Dire Maul dungeon

Dire Maul, a highly expected Classic dungeon, is coming in a near future. Therefore, it's time to learn more about the new dungeon before it releases. The specific boss drops you may be interested in are shared with you:
- The item Tempest Talisman can be found from Hydrospawn.  
- Satyr's Bow item can be obtained from the boss Zevrim Thornhoof.  
- The item Whipvine Cord can be gotten from Alzzin the Wildshaper.  
- Sublime Wristguards can be looted from the boss Guard Mol'dar.  
- The item Boots of the Full Moon can be looted from Captain Kromcrush.  
- Kromcrush's Chestplate can be obtained from Captain Kromcrush.  
- Mindtap Talisman can be available from Magister Kalendris.  
- Distracting Dagger can be obtained from Prince Tortheldrin boss.  
- The Bracers of the Eclipse item can be looted from Prince Tortheldrin.  
- Padre's Trousers can be found from Illyanna Ravenoak.  
- Harmonious Gauntlets can be obtained from King Gordok.  
- Brightly Glowing Stone can be gained from King Gordok.  
- Tarnished Elven Ring can be found from the chest Gordok Tribute upon defeating King Gordok.  
- The item Redoubt Cloak can be lootable from Gordok Tribute.  
- The item Insightful Hood can be found from Gordok Tribute.

Librams & consumables in Dire Maul dungeon

In the new Dire Maul dungeon, there are three more available librams such as Arcanum of Rapidity, Arcanum of Focus and Arcanum of Protection that can be upgraded for your class. 
In addition, there are also some consumables available for you. When you complete a Tribute Run that can improve the gear dropped from Dire Maul, Stomper Kreeg will sell buff alcohols including:
- Kreeg's Stout Beatdown: This can increase 25 Spirit and decrease 5 Intellect.  
- Gordok Green Grog: It can increase 10 Stamina.      
Apart from them, you can also obtain Demonic Rune dropped from Demons that can restore mana at the cost of health, as well as Runn Tum Tuber Surprise that is a recipe dropped from Pusillin and can increase Intellect.  

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The WOWClassicGP Team