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More WOW Castle Nathria Trinkets with Drop Sources Uncovered

Time: 09/18/20

Don't know how many WOW Castle Nathria trinkets are added in Shadowlands Build? Don't worry. Below is all the trinkets that have been added so far. Besides, you can also see where they will drop. 

Current WOW Castle Nathria trinkets in Shadowlands Build 

Shadowlands Beta Build now contains more Castle Nathria trinkets. Currently there are 5 trinkets that can be obtained from Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius. And these trinkets will be 7 item levels higher than the rest of the instance. 
- Stone Legion Heraldry dropped from Stone Legion Generals. 
- Cabalist's Effigy dropped from Sire Denathrius.   
- Manabound Mirror dropped from Sire Denathrius.  
- Dreadfire Vessel dropped from Sire Denathrius. 
- Sanguine Vintage dropped from Sire Denathrius. 

Other WOW Castle Nathria trinkets with drop sources 

Apart from the five trinkets above, there are also some other Castle Nathria trinkets that are dropped from various bosses, including: 
- Skulker's Wing dropped from Shriekwing. 
- Bargast's Leash dropped from Huntsman Altimor.
- Splintered Heart of Al'ar dropped from Sun King's Salvation.
- Gluttonous Spike dropped from Hungering Destroyer.
- Memory of Past Sins dropped from Lady Inerva Darkvein.
- Nathria Trinket dropped from Sludgefist/Artificer XYmox/The Council of Blood.
- Tuft of Smoldering Plumage dropped from Sun King's Salvation.
- Soul Igniter dropped from Sun King's Salvation. 
- Consumptive Infusion dropped from Hungering Destroyer. 

These are all WOW Castle Nathria trinkets added now. Meanwhile, buy cheap WOW gold and other products from us at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team