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New Player Weapon Models Coming from WOW Shadowlands Exile's Reach

Time: 07/23/20

You will find diverse new player weapon models in Shadowlands Beta Build 35256, such as bows, daggers, one-handed axes and more. And these weapons are believed to come from the new starting zone Exile's Reach in Shadowlands.        

New player weapon models in WOW Shadowlands Exile's Reach 

There are many new weapon models labeled "Newplayer" found in the Exile's Reach in Shadowlands Beta Build 35256, including: 
- Bows
- Daggers
- Glaives
- One-handed axes
- One-handed maces
- One-handed swords
- Shields
- Staves
- Two-handed axes
- Two-handed maces
- Two-handed swords  
These weapons have HD models but they are depicted in more simplistic weapon types, such as:

Daggers one-handed axes 
And the more weapon models for new players can be learned here

WOW Exile's Reach: starting zone in Shadowlands expansion 

Exile's Reach is a 1-10 leveling zone in the Shadowlands expansion to help new players learn the mechanics of playing WOW game. And experienced players can also try the zone for its storyline and gorgeous scenery. 
While opening the cinematic, your character will appear aboard a ship. And you will see a few basic tips on your screen that teach you how to position your hands for movement, look around with your mouse and move your character forward. There are various quests you need to complete in this starting zone. After reaching level 10, players will leave this area with a basic arsenal of spells for their class, first mount, a chosen specialization and their Hearthstone set in Stormwind City. 

Keep your eyes open at these new player weapon models from us. Meanwhile, cheap WOW gold is always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team