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Obtain BFA Aspirant Ensembles with Marks of Honor in Shadowlands

Time: 05/09/20

Do you want some pieces of BFA Aspirant sets? Here is a good news that you can be able to buy BFA Aspirant ensembles with Marks of Honor in Shadowalnads. The detailed Aspirant ensembles and the vendors selling them are introduced below.      

BFA Aspirant ensembles purchasable with Marks of Honor

The transmog ensembles for PvP BFA Aspirant sets have been added to Shadowlands Alpha by Blizzard. All BFA Aspirant ensembles can be purchased with 12 Marks of Honor from Marshal Gabriel and Xander Silberman in Boralus and Mugambala respectively. You can see the locations of the two vendors from the following maps:

Marshal Gabriel Xander Silberman

What BFA Aspirant ensembles are added to Shadowlands?

BFA Aspirant ensembles contain Cloth, Leather, Mail and Plate armor for Season 1, 2, 3 and 4: 
1. Season 1: Ensemble: Dread Aspirant's Cloth Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Dread Aspirant's Leather Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Dread Aspirant's Mail Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Dread Aspirant's Plate Armor(A/H).
2. Season 2: Ensemble: Sinister Aspirant's Cloth Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Sinister Aspirant's Leather Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Sinister Aspirant's Mail Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Sinister Aspirant's Plate Armor(A/H).
3. Season 3: Ensemble: Notorious Aspirant's Cloth Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Notorious Aspirant's Leather Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Notorious Aspirant's Mail Armor(A/H); Ensemble: Notorious Aspirant's Plate Armor.
4. Season 4: Ensemble: Corrupted Aspirant's Cloth Armor; Ensemble: Corrupted Aspirant's Leather Armor; Ensemble: Corrupted Aspirant's Mail Armor; Ensemble: Corrupted Aspirant's Plate Armor.
Here is a picture showing the Sinister Aspirant Cloth Armor for Alliance in Season 2, and all the appearances of these Aspirant ensembles can be viewed here.

Sinister Aspirant Cloth Armor

Like these BFA Aspirant ensembles? Just use Marks of Honor to buy them right now. Besides, you can always buy cheap WOW gold and other goods from our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team