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Official Response to WOW Torghast Torments with Effects & Feedback

Time: 05/15/20

There are different voices about WOW Torghast Torments. And Blizzard has made response and clarified the intents of Torments as well. Read on for more specific details.    

Effects of WOW Torghast Torments 

Torghast Torments is added to offer some extra texture for players at high levels and resolve a problem appearing when extremely difficult content meets often cooldown-based class design.
If there is a perfectly efficient Torghast group, they can manage at the highest difficulty, which means they need to waiting for all cooldowns on every pull. There is no doubt that it's the right way to win, but it's not fun to play. Torments should bring enough pressure appropriately. In this case, this group can still kill every creature on the floor, but they also need to be careful, use crowd control and take a few seconds to rest or strategize between pulls. Sometimes they may also need to wait just a little longer for a cooldown before engaging.
What's more, Torments can't do the following things: 
- Make Torghast become fast-paced and time-constrained game mode. 
- Prevent you from taking a break when you need. 
- Intimidate casual players from playing Torghast altogether. 

Request feedback on WOW Torghast Torments after testing

You can leave your feedback on WOW Torments to Blizzard if you feel something bad after playing. And here are some reasons if you don't like Torments, like:
1. Did you feel rushed when you didn't want to? Was that pressure because of actual game difficulty, or was it simply the presence of the Torment itself? 
2. Were you unable to defeat a level because of Torments, even though you were playing at a normal pace? 
3. Did you want to take a break mid-run but felt like you couldn't? 
4. Do you feel like Torments are appropriate, but should be introduced at a higher level than they currently are (12)? 
5. Alternately, did a particular Torment feel underwhelming? Do you still feel like you can wait 10 minutes between every single pull without threat of being overwhelmed?

How do you think of WOW Torghast Torments? Anyway, don't forget to buy cheap WOW gold and more from us anytime.

The WOWClassicGP Team