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Only WOW Torghast Layers 1-3 Available at Shadowlands Launch

Time: 11/20/20

It's a pity that you will only be able to complete first 3 layers of WOW Torghast at Shadowlands launch. And other Torghast layers will be available following. This change will affect the Soul Ash acquisition and legendary crafts. 

Schedule of WOW Torghast layers unlocks 

According to the interview with Ion Hazzikostas, it has been confirmed that there will be only 3 layers of Torghast available at Shadowlands launch. And the schedule of all Torghast layers unlocks can be seen below: 
Layers 1-3: unlocked at launch after the first weekly reset. 
Layers 4-6: unlocked on Castle Nathria launch. 
Layers 7-8: unlocked on Mythic Nathria launch. 
Since layers 1-3 are available after the first weekly reset, there's no benefit to leveling quickly. 

Effects to WOW Soul Ash & legendary crafts 

Due to the changes to Torghast layers introduced above, the amount of Soul Ash you can get each layer are also changed, like: 
Layer 1: 120 Soul Ash
Layer 2: 100 Soul Ash
Layer 3: 85 Soul Ash
Layer 4: 70 Soul Ash
Layer 5: 60 Soul Ash
Layer 6: 50 Soul Ash
Layer 7: 45 Soul Ash
Layer 8: 40 Soul Ash 
Besides the effect to Soul Ash, it also influences legendary crafts. You may not be able to craft legendary in the first week of Shadowlands, and the earliest you can craft may be Week 2. You'd better waiting for the Season to begin before crafting so that you don't craft an item that receives a nerf. 

In a word, only the first three layers of WOW Torghast will be available at Shadowlands release. Furthermore, cheap WOW gold is always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team