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Pilgrim's Bounty WOW Classic Guide: Bountiful Tables' Locations & More

Time: 11/26/19

The in-game holiday Pilgrim's Bounty WOW Classic has been live in US/EU realms. It brings many bountiful tables, quests and seasonal recipes. And you can be able to get seasonal items like battle pets, reputation buff and more after completing quests.  

WOW Classic Pilgrim's Bounty available until Dec. 2 

Pilgrim's Bounty holiday is an in-game version of the harvest festival of Thanksgiving. It has started in both US and EU realms on Nov. 25 and will end on Dec. 2. This festival focuses on food, and you can find feasting tables full of wonderful seasonal cuisine near the major cities. Thus, it's also famous as a quick and easy way to level up cooking and grind reputation. 
During Pilgrim's Bounty 2019, you can cook following the Cooking recipes for Alliance and Horde factions, which can prompt to increase the progress of leveling cooking. In addition, you can complete many daily quests and cooking-oriented quests to obtain various items and other rewards.   

Locations of Bountiful tables in WOW Classic Pilgrim's Bounty 

A bountiful table has five chairs including The Cranberry Chair, The Pie Chair, The Sweet Potato Chair, The Stuffing Chair and The Turkey Chair with their own food. You can eat or pass the food you like or dislike. Bountiful tables can be found at many zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Around feasting tables, you can find seasonal vendors and questgivers who offer cooking ingredients and daily quests. The specific locations of Bountiful tables are following: 
1. Horde locations: The bountiful tables for Horde locate in all minor towns with innkeepers and some major cities such as Orgrimmar, Silvermoon City, Thunder Bluff and Undercity. 
2. Alliance locations: You can find them at all minor towns with innkeepers and major cities including Darnassus, Exodar, Ironforge and Stormwind City.
3. Neutral locations: You can find them in Light's Hope Chapel and Ruins of Thaurissan minior towns. 

Seasonal items obtainable during WOW Classic Pilgrim's Bounty holiday 

There are many seasonal items and buff you can get within Pilgrim's Bounty 2019:
1. The title Pilgrim <Name> can be granted after completing 9 holiday achievements specified by Pilgrim. 
2. Armor and cosmetic: such as Pilgrim's Hat/Attire/Dress/Robe/Boots
2. Two battle pets, Plump Turkey and Bush Chicken, are obtainable.  
3. You can get one toy Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter.   
4. You can get The Spirit of Sharing buff after eating five types of food at a bountiful table, which can increase reputation gain by 10% for an hour. 
5. Each faction can learn five cooking recipes. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team