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Pre-order WOW Shadowlands Collector's Edition with Art Book & More

Time: 07/09/20

WOW Shadowlands Collector's Edition is announced in the Shadowlands Developer Update livestream. It will cost you $119.99 and be delivered to you no later than Dec. 31. Would you like one?

WOW Shadowlands Collector's Edition announced with collector's items 

Shadowlands Collector's Edition is similar to the past physical collector's edition, with a stunning front art and covenant symbol in holographic foil on the sides. It features a series of rare and wondrous items to help you with your journey into the beyond. During the Shadowlands Developer Update livestream, it has been revealed that Shadowlands Collector's Edition costs $119.99 and is available to pre-order now at select retailers starting this week. You can go to US Blizzard Gear Store or International Blizzard Gear Store to pre-order it, and you will be able to receive it no later than Dec. 31. 

Rewards included in WOW Shadowlands Collector's Edition 

WOW Shadowlands Collector's Edition is a special event item, including:
1. Covenant Sigils: Four-Pin Collector's Set: adding the symbols of all four Covenants to your pin collection and adorning your backpack, lanyard or clothing with the sign of your chosen path. 
2. Art of the Shadowlands: exploring the visual development of Azeroth's multifaceted afterlife via this hardcover book, and learning about an aspect of the Warcraft universe that has been little explored until now. 
3. Shattered Sky Mousepad: witnessing the moment Sylvanas shattered the veil between this life and what lies beyond, changing Azeroth's fate forever. 
4. Collector's Edition Digital Soundtrack Key: downloading the stirring orchestral pieces from the Shadowlands soundtrack, the perfect mood music to explore the realms beyond the veil. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team