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Preview Burning Crusade Classic Realm, Character & Leveling

Time: 02/21/21

Which realm will you choose when Burning Crusade Classic is released? Burning Crusade Classic realm or Classic era realm? If you want to play on both realms, you can gain the access to clone characters via optional paid service. What's more, Burning Crusade Classic leveling will also be improved a lot. 

How do Burning Crusade Classic and Classic realms work? 

With Burning Crusade Classic being released, you will choose to play characters on Burning Crusade Classic realm or new Classic era realm. But the names of the two types of realms will be the same. 
1. If you choose Burning Crusade Classic realms, you will see all the new Burning Crusade game systems, such as the Blood Elf race and Draenei race. 
2. If you choose to stay at Classic, you will be sent to the new Classic era realms directly to experience the latest phase of WOW Classic content. And if your friends on the original realm choose to play on Classic era realm as well, they will join you on the same realm.
3. If you want to play your character in both game types, you can clone your character via an optional paid service. 

Burning Crusade Classic leveling improvements  

Besides, there are also some information about Burning Crusade Classic leveling revealed. While interviewing Brian Birmingham who is a Classic Lead Engineer, he states that there will be all quality of life leveling improvements for Burning Crusade Classic in order to speed up the leveling process, like: 
- XP nerf from Patch 2.3
- Reduce mount required level from level 40 to 30 from Patch 2.4.3 

Please stay tuned for more about Burning Crusade Classic! Besides, free WOW Classic gold will be available at 3:00 a.m. GMT on Feb. 22. Join us!

The WOWClassicGP Team