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Preview Castle Nathria Leather Armor Set WOW in Shadowlands

Time: 05/08/20

Castle Nathria leather armor set has been revealed, which has totally six tints and some darker sets. But the shoulders of this leather set are still missing. Take a sneak peek at Castle Nathria leather set from us.

Appearances of Castle Nathria leather armor set WOW revealed

Castle Nathria leather set has six tints for Mythic, Heroic, Normal, LFR, Alliance PvP, Horde PvP as well as robe and plate variants and its chestpiece is similar with a trenchcoat that is a silhouette only available via the Kul Tiran Heritage armor and Worgen Heritage armor sets previously. Here are the pictures of Castle Nathria leather sets:

Castle Nathria leather set Castle Nathria leather set1 Castle Nathria leather set2 Castle Nathria leather set3 Castle Nathria leather set4 Castle Nathria leather set5
Please note that the shoulders are still unknown. And you can also see the darker set tint against the Castle Nathria loading screen below:

Castle Nathria leather set6

Castle Nathria leather armor set WOW on races

In addition to the appearances of Castle Nathria leather sets with six tints, here are also some pictures showing the leather armor sets on a few more races in Castle Nathria raid in Shadowlands expansion, like:

Castle Nathria leather set on race1 Castle Nathria leather set on race2 Castle Nathria leather set on race3

How do you think of Castle Nathria leather armor set? Anyway, please continue to buy cheap WOW gold and other related goods at our site all the time.

The WOWClassicGP Team