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Preview Weekly WOW Ember Court with Requirements & Activities

Time: 07/14/20

Do you know WOW Ember Court? It is a weekly activity that you need to unlock by meeting some requirements. And you can be able to complete various activities during Ember Court. 

Requirements for unlocking WOW Ember Court 

Ember Court is a weekly activity allowing you to plan and take part in a party with the Venthyr and many guests from around the Shadowlands. Before starting this activity, you have to invite guests, and choose entertainment as well as refreshments. To unlock Ember Court activity, you need to meet these requirements: 
1. Require you to reach level 60 and join the Venthyr Covenant. 
2. Research the first upgrade in the Ember Court section of your Covenant Sanctum Upgrades.  
3. Finish the "A New Court" quest chain that begins at Theotar in the Covenant Sanctum. 

Activities available in WOW Ember Court 

During the weekly Ember Court activity, you can complete these various activities: 
1. Build the band stage (+Exciting) and find the Band's lost instruments (+Exciting)  
2. Obtain pieces of Theotar's Tea Set, serving special tea to one of your Guests (+Bonus Happiness) 
3. Clean up rubble around the Court (+Clean) 
4. Begin a Food Fight (+Messy, +Decadent) 
5. Kill Necromancer Assassins and bring their heads to the Baroness Vashj (+Bonus Happiness) 
6. Teach an NPC how to dance (+Decadent) 
7. Defeat a Rare Provocateur for some Court Gossip (+Relaxing OR +Exciting depending on what you do with it) 
8. Help a waiter serve refreshments (+Decadent)
When the time is up, you can be awarded a score according to your Court activities, and your Court's total Atmosphere and Guest Happiness will also be shown up. 

Expect your excellent performance in WOW Ember Court activity. Additionally, please buy cheap WOW gold at our site all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team