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Preview WOW Castle Nathria Raid with Entrance & Bosses

Time: 05/13/20

WOW Castle Nathria is the first raid of Shadowlands. It contains 10 bosses and two wings you have to complete. Learn how to enter it and what bosses you will meet below. 

How to get to WOW Castle Nathria raid? 

Castle Nathria is a wing raid located above the rest of Revendreth. And the entrance to the castle is in the center area of Revendreth. Currently you can enter the raid by Menagerie of the Master, which is the closest flight path.
Castle Nathria has two wings. After accessing to it, you can choose to descend into the catacombs or explore the royal quarters, and each of the wing has 3 more bosses. When you complete the two wings, you can be able to ascend to the upper reaches of the Castle.

Bosses encountered in WOW Castle Nathria raid

There are a total of 10 bosses you will encounter in Castle Nathria raid, but only nine bosses have been uncovered so far, such as:
- Shriekwing: A blind boss guards the great hall of Sire Denathrius. She can find her prey with sound and smell.   
- Kael'thas Sunstrider: Sire Denathrius wants to make him become a weapon to fight for the corrupt Master of Revendreth. You should save him. 
- Lady Inerva Darkvein: One of the most loyal advisors for Sire Denathrius. He monitors Denathrius' anima reservoirs.
- Sire Denathrius: The leader of the Venthyr covenant and ruler of Revendreth. He aligns with the Jailer to send the anima reserves of Revendreth into the Maw. 
- The Council of Blood 
- Sludgefist 
- Stoneborne Generals
- Hungering Destroyer 
- Artificer Xy'Mox

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