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Preview WOW Shadowlands Oribos Zone with Inhabitants & Soul Stream

Time: 05/22/20

WOW Shadowlands Oribos zone serves as the main player hub. In this zone, Arbiter judges mortal souls and sends them to their final destinations. More details about Oribos zone can be learned from us. 

What is WOW Shadowlands Oribos zone? 

Oribos is a very ancient city and the main player hub located at the heart of the Shadowlands. It's also the home of Arbiter who judges every mortal soul and then sends them to their final destinations. You can access to this Shadowlands Oribos zone via portals in the various Shadowlands zones, including the Vestibule of Eternity in Bastion and Pridefall Hamlet in Revendreth. 

WOW Shadowlands Oribos zone: inhabitants & soul stream 

There are two types of inhabitants residing in Shadowlands Oribos zone: 
1. Attendants: The mysterious beings created to maintain Oribos city and ensure Arbiter completes her duties without interruption. Attendants have three types:  
  - Caretakers preserve the stability and operations of Oribos and focus on the Arbiter's needs.
  - Scholars hold the knowledge of the Eternal City. From within this circle, an Honored Voice is selected to speak on behalf of the ever-silent Arbiter. 
  - Protectors serve as a stoic militia, defending Oribos and maintaining the order within.

2. Brokers: Humanoid beings who are native to an unnamed realm of the Shadowlands possess an innate affinity for anima. They offer various exotic merchandise and profession knowledge. 

Besides the inhabitants, you should also know the soul stream that is in the center of Oribos. It's made up of all the mortal souls entering the Shadowlands and sends them to their destinations. However, since Arbiter has gone dormant, these souls are being damned to the torment of the Maw. 

Soul Stream

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