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Solution to WOW Classic Incompatible Issue on US & EU Realms

Time: 04/30/20

WOW Classic incompatible issue appears again when Blizzard updates the client on Apr. 29. The population on US and EU realms show "Incompatible" and some players encounter the issue with slow download speed. The solution to this issue are provided by us.

WOW Classic incompatible issue on US & EU realms

WOW Classic servers doesn't work again. After the client is updated on Apr. 29, more and more players reflect that they have login issues that lead to failed or slow login attempts. Besides, the population on US and EU realms are showing "Incompatible".
According to the feedback on the Blizzard CS Twitter, we have known that some players have problems with download speed, such as downloading for over 4 hours on 100-400kbps. And the other players meet the issue that their servers are showing "Incompatible" on population. Even players reinstall the game and restart the PC, the servers still don't work.

WOW Classic Incompatible Download Speed

How to solve WOW Classic incompatible issue?

Blizzard has been aware of this issue and dedicated to solving it. Based on the Blizzard Cutomer Support Twitter, we know that the login issues have been resolved. These issues appear because your local game client version doesn't match the server's game client version. To solve it, you have to force your game to update with these steps:
1. Restart your computer and reopen the Battle.net Desktop App. Then you can see an update automatically begins. If not, with World of Warcraft selected in the app, click the Options drop-down menu above the "Play" button, and then click "Check for updates". 
2. Run the Scan and Repair tool
3. Reinstall the Battle.net Desktop App.

Hope this guide can help you with WOW Classic incompatible. If you have any problem, you can leave your feedback on Blizzard CS Twitter. Besides, please choose WOWClassicGP to buy cheap WOW Classic gold.

The WOWClassicGP Team