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Solve Exploitative Gameplay by Closing Over 74000 WOW Accounts & More

Time: 06/18/20

According to the updated Blue Post, we have known that Blizzard has taken two actions to resolve the exploitative gameplay, including adding 30 instances limit, and closing or suspending over 74,000 WOW accounts. 

How to recognize bots in WOW & WOW Classic? 

Blizzard is dealing with exploitative gameplay, such as botting in WOW and WOW Classic, because the majority of players use gameplay automation tools to farm resources or kill enemies more efficiently than legitimate players can. 
Actually, it's much more difficult for Blizzard to recognize the botting players and address this issue. Currently, Blizzard uses powerful systems to determine whether the suspected player is using an identifiable cheat, and their heuristics are being improved and evolved constantly. If a suspect is examined but the measurements aren't out of line, Blizzard will gather evidence manually against the accused player, which is pretty complex and time consuming. 

How to address exploitative gameplay in WOW & WOW Classic?

With the issue becoming serious, Blizzard has taken some measures to deal with recently.
On the one hand, the 30 instances limit has been added to WOW Classic, which means that now you can just enter a maximum of 30 unique instances per day per realm. If you are examined that you've entered 5 instances in the last hour or 30 instances in the last 24 hours, you will not enter the instance until enough time has elapsed. This limit applies to dungeon and raid instances, excluding PvP battlegrounds. 
On the other hand, over 74,000 WOW accounts have been closed or suspended since they are in violation of End-User License Agreement. And these accounts are most in Americas, Oceania, and Europe regions. 

How do you think of the actions Blizzard takes to address exploitative and automated gameplay? Anyway, don't forget to buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team