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Steps to Return to Previous WOW Shadowlands Covenants Shared

Time: 09/16/20

It's harder to come back to WOW Shadowlands Covenants that you have abandoned previously. But it doesn't matter. Here you can learn the all steps to rejoin Covenants. 

How to rejoin previous WOW Shadowlands Covenants? 

Coming back to previous Shadowlands Covenants is now available on the beta. And it requires these steps to complete: 
1. Speak to the Ambassador of the Covenant you want to rejoin. 
2. Complete Prove Your Worth quest by finishing the objectives below in the relevant zone until the bar reaches 100%. 
  - Kill Rares and Rare Elites
  - Collect Treasures 
  - Complete World Quests 
  - Defeat dungeon bosses. Killing a dungeon boss provides 12% of a bar every time. 
3. Turn in Prove Your Worth quest to the Covenant's Ambassador once you complete it. 
4. Wait for the next Weekly Reset. 
5. Complete Rebuild Our Trust quest by doing the same thing as Prove Your Worth. 
6. Come back to Oribos to turn in Rebuild Our Trust quest instantly to swap your Covenant. 
Please note that the most efficient way to complete a bar is to defeat dungeon bosses. And we encourage you to complete 2 dungeons with 4 bosses respectively, and complete a single World Quest to finish the objective. Besides, Necrolord can only do Theatre of Pain and skip the Wolrd Quest. 

How long to return to previous WOW Shadowlands Covenants? 

The time to swap your Shadowlands Covenant is one Weekly Reset plus the time to complete the Prove Your Worth and Rebuild Our Trust quests. In general, each of the two quests requires under an hour. Therefore, you can return to your previous Covenant with a week. 
Please note that these steps are available on the beta. Maybe they will be changed at any point. And here you can also learn the steps to change your Covenant to a new one. 

Come to swap your WOW Shadowlands Covenant to previous one with this guide. By the way, don't forget to buy cheap WOW gold and more with up to 8% off until Sep. 21. 

The WOWClassicGP Team