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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Strategies & Tips for WOW Classic Battleguard Sartura Boss in AQ40
Strategies & Tips for WOW Classic Battleguard Sartura Boss in AQ40

Time: 08/14/20

With the gates of Ahn'Qiraj open, today we will share the strategies and tips related to WOW Classic Battleguard Sartura that is the second boss encountered in AQ40 raid. After defeating the boss and her Royal Guards, you will receive Imperial Qiraji drops, Silithid Claw and other loots. 

Strategies for WOW Classic Battleguard Sartura in AQ40 

1. During Aggro Rest, Battleguard Sartura will drop all aggro and start charging at a random raid member. Therefore, Warrior should stun or taunt Battleguard Sartura immediately to prevent her from moving and cleaving down the raid. 
2. Battleguard Sartura will use Whirlwind ability to deal AOE cleave damage to any target nearby. If any raid member is in a tight spot and might die, the Limited Invulnerability Potion can be considered to use, which can be immune to physical attacks. 
3. Following Whirlwind, the boss will use Sundering Cleave ability to deal direct damage and lower armor. So it's necessary to have tanks hit by this ability. 
4. Enrage is an ability that happens when Sartura is at 20% health. At this moment, the raid should save cooldowns. Please note that Hard Enrage that is a hard DPS will occur after 10 minutes of the encounter. If the raid survives through the adds and brings them down, it shouldn't come into play.

Tips for defeating Sartura's Royal Guards in AQ40 

1. Royal Guards will act the way as Battleguard Sartura during Aggro Rest. So you can take the same measures to fight against Royal Guards. 
2. Keep the Royal Guards under control, otherwise they will deal a massive amount of damage to a clump of raid members nearby, even they will kill these members. 
3. Watch out for the Royal Guards Knockback ability. Tanks need to keep their backs to the wall in the room. 

Drops from WOW Classic Battleguard Sartura boss 

Upon defeating Battleguard Sartura boss, you will be able to obtain Imperial Qiraji drops and some exclusive drops like: 
Necklace of Purity  
Leggings of the Festering Swarm  
Recomposed Boots  
Robes of the Battleguard  
Silithid Claw  
Thick Qirajihide Belt  
Creeping Vine Helm  
Gloves of Enforcement  
Scaled Leggings of Qiraji Fury  
Sartura's Might  
Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination  
Legplates of Blazing Light  
Badge of the Swarmguard

Hope this guide help you a lot with WOW Classic Battleguard Sartura boss. By the way, don't forget to join in our Free Giveaway activity to claim free WOW Classic gold on Aug. 17. 

The WOWClassicGP Team