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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Strategies to Defeat WOW Classic Flamegor in Blackwing Lair Raid
Strategies to Defeat WOW Classic Flamegor in Blackwing Lair Raid

Time: 03/23/20

Have you defeated WOW Classic Flamegor in Blackwing Lair raid? If not, here we provide a simple guide about how to protect yourself from his attack. Once you kill it, you will obtain a number of loots from Flamegor.   

Tips to fight with WOW Classic Flamegor boss 

Flamegor is the last of the three black drake bosses in Blackwing Lair. During the fight, it will use four abilities to attack you. You can learn the tips to protect you from the attack of Flamegor. 
1. Wing Buffet
A frontal cone AOE that also knocks back all targets affected, so you need to tank Flamegor by the same spot Ebonroc and stay on the lower levels with the current tank positioned in a way to make his back against the walls in order to prevent any unwanted knockbacks. DPS doesn't need to blow their load at the beginning of the fight immediately, just starting it slowly.       
2. Frenzy
Hunters with Tranquilizing Shot need to remove this ability instantly, otherwise Flamegor will start using Fire Nova per couple seconds and will overwhelm the raid quickly. Fire Nova is only used when Frenzied.
3. Shadow Flame
An ability that is used roughly every 15 seconds can deal high fire damage, so equipping Onyxia Scale Cloak is important. Tanks should equip Onyxia Cloaks to ensure they don't get attacked by the after-effects of Shadow Flame. Priests are the best class to mitigate that since they can shield the tank right before a Shadow Flame hits. 
4. Thrash
It can make Flamegor attack the current tank twice in quick succession. There's no need to do much about this, but to simply heal through the Thrash. 

Loots from WOW Classic Flamegor

When you kill Flamegor in Blackwing Lair, he will drop Tier 2 Set gloves, shared drops and some exclusive drops, such as:
- Stormrage Handguards
- Bloodfang Gloves
- Shadow Wing Focus Staff
- Circle of Applied Force
- Herald of Woe
You can seen all loots by clicking here

Hope this guide can help you defeat WOW Classic Flamegor easily. Besides, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold with fast delivery from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team