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Strategies to Defeat WOW Classic High Priestess Jeklik in 2 Phases

Time: 04/26/20

High Priestess Jeklik is a two phase encounter in WOW Classic Zul'Gurub raid. Learn the simple guide from us to learn how to defeat her smoothly. 

How to defeat WOW Classic High Priestess Jeklik?

While fighting with High Priestess Jeklik, you have to focus on her abilities used in the two phases.
1. Phase 1
  - AOE shriek: Dealing damage and silence everyone near her for a few seconds. Thus please let few people near her. Your group should have ranged players and healers to ensure no silences happen. And let Melee DPS and tanks take the hits.
  - Charge: Dealing about 1k damage and silences the target for 5 seconds. The group should have all Melee and tanks near her and the ranged/healers far away the boss. Besides, please choose someone as a bait to the charge who should stay between the boss and the ranged group.
  - Call swarm ability: She can call a swarm of 6 to 8 bats and repeat per minute after. You should have an off-tank dealing threat on these bats as soon, while Mages and other strong AOE classes kill them.
2. Phase 2
While Jeklik is at 50% health, the phase 2 begins. She can cast Great Heal and Mind Flay alternately. Great Heal can heal Jeklik for about 25% of her maximum health. Mind Flay can chain between raid players. Therefore, you should interrupt the two spell casts.
Besides, Jeklik can also summon bats that can drop fire bombs in the raid. These bombs can leave a fire patch in the ground. If you stand in it, you will be damaged. To avoid this attack, tanks and melee DPS should move Jeklik in a circle to ensure that she moves out of a bomb drop location before the bomb hits the floor and the melee DPS.

WOW Classic High Priestess Jeklik loots

After Jeklik is defeated, she will drop Primal Hakkari armor tokens, like Primal Hakkari Aegis/ Armsplint/ Bindings/ Girdle/ Kossack/ Sash/ Stanchion/ Tabard. She also has several exclusive drops, including: 
Jeklik's Crusher 
Animist's Spaulders 
Jeklik's Opaline Talisman 
Peacekeeper Boots 
Primalist's Band 
Seafury Boots 
Zulian Defender 

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The WOWClassicGP Team