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Strategies to Defeat WOW Classic Wushoolay in Edge of Madness

Time: 06/05/20

WOW Classic Wushoolay is one of the bosses encountered in Edge of Madness event. The bosses in this event are on a two-week rotation, and this week it's turn to the Wushoolay. You can follow the guide below to learn how to kill this boss for its loots.  

Strategies to WOW Classic Wushoolay abilities 

Wushoolay is a shaman boss with lightning-themed abilities. It has two major abilities during the fight. You can learn the specific abilities and the strategies to them below:
1. Chain Lightning: With using this ability, Wushoolay can jump to nearby enemies. Because this ability only affect the enemies in front of Wushoolay, all melee should stand behind it all the time.
2. Lightning Cloud: Wushoolay can use this ability to cause a cloud of lightning that can deal periodic damage to anyone standing within it, so you should get out of the cloud instantly. Melee need to move together and can't stand in front of the boss so that they cannot take the damage from this ability. 

Drops from WOW Classic Wushoolay  

Once you defeat Wushoolay boss in the Edge of Madness event, you can be able to gain three loots dropped from it, including:
Hoodoo Hunting Bow (Agility/Stamina Bow)  
Wushoolay's Poker (Healing Power/Mp5 Dagger)  
Wushoolay's Mane (ZG Trinket Item)

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The WOWClassicGP Team