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Tips to Kill WOW Classic Qiraji Brainwasher & Vekniss Guardian

Time: 09/14/20

WOW Classic Qiraji Brainwasher and Vekniss Guardian are the trash mobs encountered in the AQ40 raid. You can read below to see the tips and strategies to kill them easily. 

How to kill WOW Classic Qiraji Brainwasher in AQ40? 

As one of the trash mobs in AQ40, Qiraji Brainwasher will appear immediately following the Prophet Skeram boss. Qiraji Brainwasher has three abilities that you have to focus on during the fight: 
1. Cause Insanity: mind control the player to get attack and movement speed increased and let that player attack other raid members for 10 seconds. And that player should be crowd controlled with spells like Polymorph and Blind. 
2. Mana Burn: drain player's mana and deal damage. To avoid this attack, you have to defeat Qiraji Brainwasher quickly. 
3. Mind Flay: deal Shadow damage-over-time as a channeled ability. This ability should be interrupted quickly while attacking a healer or a caster. 
One more thing, the raid need to focus on fire the Qiraji Brainwasher during the fight. 

How to kill WOW Classic Vekniss Guardian in AQ40? 

Vekniss Guardian also spawns following the Prophet Skeram boss as the trash mobs in AQ raid. Killing it should have tanks back against the wall in order to prevent Impale ability from sending them flying into the air and taking fall damage. In addition, Enrage is another ability that can increase attack speed and damage dealt. Therefore, healers should note to heal the tank. 

Keep your eyes peel at these tips to defeat WOW Classic Qiraji Brainwasher and Vekniss Guardian. Besides, you can choose us to buy cheap WOW Classic gold at best price. 

The WOWClassicGP Team