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Top 2 WOW Classic DPS Classes in Phase 1: Fury Warrior & Combat Rogue

Time: 09/23/19

From latest official post, WOW Classic DPS tier list for phase 1 Molten Core and Onyxia has been revealed, and we can learn that the best two classes for Classic DPS is Fury Warrior and Combat Rogue. Please go ahead and learn more details from us.     

Best WOW Classic DPS tier revealed: Fury Warrior 

There's no doubt that WOW Classic Warrior is the best class for DPS, because Warriors' potential has been well documented and they have lots of very competitive pre-raid BiS items. From the official Warrior parses, we can see that Fury specialization is most popular and Rivenspike is in the minority. Further, there is a strong split between Alliance and Horde at the top end. When Windfury Totem offers lots of damage boost, Alliance gets several smaller buffs in the form of Paladin blessings and weapon skill offered respectively by the Human and Orc racials can make a big difference when it comes to weapon selection. 
However, even though Warriors are anticipated to be dominant for the forseeable future, they will not be at the top of the damage meters any more, since once Ahn'Qiraj is released in Phase 5, Mages and Warlocks will begin to catch up to and may exceed Melee DPS.

Second best DPS class in WOW Classic: Combat Rogue

Combat Rogue is the second best class for DPS. In the early phases of WOW Classic, Rogues are performing extremely well. At present, most of Rogues are raiding as Combat with daggers or swords and generally raiding with swords is considered better at this stage. At the top end, Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge and Thrash Blade as well as Perdition's Blade are also well performed. 
In the later phases, although Combat never stops to be the go-to build for the majority of raiding Rogues, Seal Fate dagger builds will rise to compete for Rogues better with enough critical strike to make the build function. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team