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Update WOW Classic AddOns to Be Compatible with LibThreatClassic2

Time: 01/03/20

Here is an important thing you need to know that you must update WOW Classic AddOns because of the new threat library, LibThreatClassic2. Otherwise, you will not see the threat of those who have LibThreatClassic2 and they will not see yours either. 

Why to update WOW Classic AddOns?  

Last week a new Classic threat library LibThreatClassic2 was released with a series of bugfixes, such as such as "You are not in a raid group" in Alterac Valley. However, it is incompatible with the old one ThreatClassic-1.0. Players with the old library will not see the threat of players with LibThreatClassic2 and vice versa. If you don't update your AddOns, your fellows with the new version will not show up in your threat meter and you will not show up in theirs, either. 
Therefore, the major AddOns like Deadly Boss Mods, Details and others must be updated. Because the ClassicThreatMeter AddOn can't be updated to the new LibThreatClassic2 library, you must switch it to the new one named ThreatClassic2 that is a WOW Classic threat meter providing reasonably accurate estimates of a monster's threat table. And it bundles with LibThreatClassic2, which can fix a ton of bug fixes. 

How to update WOW Classic AddOns? 

Here are the tips teaching you how to update your AddOn to be incompatible with the new threat library: 
- If you are using ClassicThreatMeter, please switch it to ThreatClassic2 or use Details TinyThreat instead. You can hide ThreatClassic2 and just run it in the background. 
- If you are using Details TinyThreat, please install its latest version. You need Details version C188 or later. 
- If you are not using a threat meter, you can get the new library by updating DBM, Plater, ThreatPlates Classic or consider installing ThreatClassic2. 

Hope this guide can help you learn more about LibThreatClassic2 and update AddOns successfully. Additionally, you can always buy cheap WOW Classic gold for sale at our site with fast delivery. 

The WOWClassicGP Team