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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Updates & Hotfixes to WOW Classic Brewfest 2019 Holiday Sept 20
Updates & Hotfixes to WOW Classic Brewfest 2019 Holiday Sept 20

Time: 09/21/19

WOW Classic Brewfest 2019 Holiday with new updates will last until Oct. 6, which is a time to enjoy fermented fruits and finest wares. And there are many Brewfest quests needed to complete. However, it has appeared some bugs when takes effect. From us, you can know the details of new updates and hotfixes about it.   
Updates to WOW Classic Brewfest Holiday 2019 

Classic Brewfest 2019 Holiday has started and will end on Oct. 6. During this period, you can enjoy the fermented fruits of the harvest such as pretzels, cheese and booze. Also, you can be invited to taste the finest wares offered by competing breweries. This year you can also enjoy the new updates below:
- More alcohol vendor booths for each Allied Race. 
- Apple barrel has a new model and one has been removed from the map.  
- Down With The Dark Iron has been removed from Brewmaster. 
- Classic Brewfest has a Dark Iron flavor for the Alliance and Mag'har for the Horde with new NPCs giving quests and directions. 
- Coren Direbrew's loot is up to item level 395.  
- Blix Fixwidget and Belbi Quikswitch sell Bottomless Brewfest Stein for 10 Brewfest Prize Token. 
On top of these, there are also new Brewfest toys and transmog for you. 

Hotfixes to Classic Brewfest bugs on Sept 20

There are many bugs appeared for the first hour Brewfest Holiday has been live. For example, the quest turn-in NPCs is non-existent, neither ram racing nor barking quest is working, and Dark iron invasion is also not working etc. Therefore, the WOW Classic team has taken some measures and fixed issues appeared in Brewfest, including:
1. "Direbrew's Dire Brew" and "Brewfest!" can be turned in for rewards again. 
2. Horde players can continue to bark for breweries in Orgrimmar. 
3. Brewfest Chowdown cannot end any more prematurely if replayed quickly. 
4. The charges for each Brewfest Chowdown contestants Refreshing Brew will be reset to 3 when the next contest begins. 
5. The Brewfest Chowdown Trophy will not spam players' chat logs with garbled messages any more. 

Now you can continue to enjoy Brewfest Holiday with a better experience. Besides, remember to buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us all the time.

The WOWClassicGP Team